America's Great Delis Cookbook

America's Great Delis cookbook is not just a recipe book but also an up close look at the istory of the deli and the favorite dishes that they are known for like Matzo, Cheesecake, Bagels and more. Herein is a view into thirty delis and some of their top recipes. 


Format: Softcover, 176 pages. 

Copyright: 2010 

Publisher: Sellers Publishing 

Author: Sheryll Bellman 

ISBN: 9781416205654

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Description:  Deli food is simple food from Eastern Europe, Lithuania, Russia, and Hungary. Many items on deli menus today were developed out of necessity as Jews migrated from country to country. Today, a turkey and Swiss on sourdough with mayo is standard fare, but at a traditional kosher deli you'll find dark ryes and plenty of pastrami, beef brisket, and frankfurters in the glass case. 

This compilation includes the origins and evolution of many favorites like Challah, corned beef, Matzo, cheesecake, and bagels, as well as the history of more than thirty classic delis and numerous recipes. An ephemera- and photo-illustrated timeline chronicles a brief history of Jewish migration and the emergence of staples like cream cheese, Crisco, Matzo, and Bialys. 

The true American deli is an endangered species, with many older establishments closing their doors. As more delis take on the characteristics of diners, the traditional menu offerings are becoming more homogenized and less individual. The stories, recipes, and images offered in America's Great Delis preserve the great deli tradition and keep the doors open for future generations to nosh to their heart's content. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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