American Woman's Cookbook National Binding 1955

American Woman's Cookbook: National Binding 1955  was a special binding from the Dayton Journal Herald of this famous classic cookbook edited by Ruth Berolzheimer of the Culinary Arts Institute. The cookbook has over 5,000 recipes and cooking suggestions. 


Format: Hardcover and finger tabbed pages, 856 pages. 

Copyright: 1955 

Publisher: Culinary Arts Institute, Chicago 

Author: Culinary Arts Institute Ruth Berolzheimer 

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Description: This cook book will be invaluable to modern homemakers who appreciate the delicacy and graces of both traditional and contemporary culinary arts. 

More than five thousand reliable recipes and helpful suggestions bring you a veritable encyclopedia of everything pertaining to modern cookery. The editors have kept abreast of the most recent developments in the science of nutrition; and they acknowledge the improvements in food handling and preparation resulting from the revolution in the design and manufacture of kitchen equipment. 

The more you use this book, the more you will enjoy the convenience of such advanced features as the Thumb Index, Table of Contents, Alphabetical Index, and the listing of illustrations under subject headings for easy reference. 

Here will be found the latest usable word on those elusive little spark plugs called Vitamins, together with the how and why of keeping them long enough to feed to your family once you have bought them. Also, for those who would watch the scales there is a brand new table of the calories ... your usual portion in 147 different dishes. 

But the pictures! "If I could only watch someone do it!"... says the beginner. "I would like to see how that is done!"... confides the seasoned veteran of many an oven battle ... Well, here they are... hundreds of the finest photographs you ever saw, created by experts in their field.., beautifully reproduced and showing you just what you wanted to see... for you to repeat in your own kitchen!... Not hard, is it?... 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket missing. 

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