The American Vegetarian Cookbook from the Fit for Life Kitchen

With over 500 recipes inside The American Vegetarian Cookbook from the Fit for Life Kitchen, you will be armed with amazing recipes choices for years to come. This comprehensive vegetarian cookbook has easy to follow instruction, tables, information on ingredients, and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 422 pages. 

Copyright: 1990 

Publisher: Warner Books 

Author: Marilyn Diamond 

ISBN: 9780446515610

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Description: Marilyn Diamond has proven we can eat better and still love what we're eating. The proof is in this book -- over 500 mouth-watering recipes designed to keep you and your family satisfied and enthusiastic, to get your energy level up, to keep your cholesterol level down, and even to help you pull in your belt a few notches. Created and kitchen-tested personally by Marilyn, these palate-pleasing dishes make vegetarian cooking easy for breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, and festive occasions too. 

First, Marilyn welcomes you to her fit for life vegetarian kitchen, a wonderfully happy place devoted to good tastes and good health. You'll discover how to choose the best utensils and appliances, why it's a must to avoid aluminum, what to watch out for in microwaving, and which products -- luxuries and necessities -- provide the most value for the money. Then she introduces you to the superb, innovative meat-and-dairy-free dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds and help keep you and your loved ones feeling terrific. 

Have you tried a "Smoothie"? This creamy thirst-quenching drink contains no cream or sugar but is just heavenly to sip. Have you tasted "Steddas"? 

These "instead of" dishes taste as great as juicy roasts or high-fat burgers but are totally cholesterol free. Do you know what will make an everyday sandwich into a "Goodwich," with irresistible fillings between pitas, crisp tortillas, or hearty whole-grain bread? Marilyn not only gives you dozens of recipes, but also tells you how quick they are to fix and how even finicky kids will come back for more. 

Homemade soups (try yummy Black Bean, rich Cream of Celery, or soothing Full of Life Vegetable); great pasta dishes; a whole smorgasbord of recipes featuring tofu, legumes, and the "all-American potato"; and luscious desserts, ranging from crunchy cookies to creamy cheesecake, all make eating dairy-less, meatless meals a true pleasure. Plus, you'll find many of America's favorite dishes in delectable new versions that will bring excitement to each meal. 

Totally comprehensive, this full-menu cookbook is chock-full of extras too, such as a guide to buying fruits, a list of important pantry items to keep on hand, nutrition charts, and Marilyn's special, spot- lighted "Fix-it-Fast" recipes, which take only five to thirty minutes to prepare. It is an indispensable cookbook for everyone, from fully committed vegetarians to part-time vegetarians to those of us who are just trying to eat more healthfully and follow the Surgeon General's guidelines. Most of all, it is a cookbook dedicated to making good nutrition taste great -- so that you love what you're eating and love knowing that you are choosing health and happiness with every delicious bite! 


Condition: Good condition. Bottom side of book has some tiny ink speckles and book's cover board has some rubbing. 

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