All American Vegan Signed Cookbook

All American Vegan is a signed cookbook from Nathan and Jennifer Winograd. This is a very fun and interesting vegetarian cookbook with a lot to see and do inside. We recommend it if you enjoy not only recipes, but cookbooks as reading books too! 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 193 pages. 

Copyright: 2011 

Publisher: Almaden Books 

Author: Nathan Winograd and Jennifer Winograd 

ISBN: 9780979074332

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Description: Full of delicious recipes, shopping, cooking, and baking tips, as well as philosophy, trivia, and humorous observations regarding the increasingly popular but frequently misunderstood vegan lifestyle, All American Vegan cookbook has something for everyone. Aspiring vegans will find practical down-to-earth advice about making the transition to a vegan diet as convenient and uncomplicated as possible. 

Parents of vegan children will appreciate the common-sense meal planning tips that introduce and incorporate the vast and ever expanding variety of vegan convenience foods now available. Non-vegetarians and the vegan curious will discover an approach which transforms the seemingly impossible into the entirely feasible. While veteran vegans and animals activists will appreciate the Winograds' provocative perspective on how to most effectively promote widespread veganism. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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