All-American Truck Stop Cookbook

All-American Truck Stop Cookbook - Good Eats From the Road showcases over 200 recipes from the top places to stop and eat while out on the road. This nostalgic cookbook is a perfect cookbook for truckers or RV travelers. 


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 256 pages 

Copyright: 2002 

Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press 

Author: Ken Beck, Jim Clark & Les Kerr 

ISBN: 9781558539662

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Description: From the Iceberg (Anchorage, Alaska) to the Big South (Atlanta, Georgia) and from Bean Town (Boston, Massachusetts) to Angel City (Los Angeles, California) The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook covers the best places to eat on the road: the best chicken-fried steak and gravy, the best fruit cobblers, the best soups or chilies, the best biscuits and dinner rolls, and the best brimming cup of hot coffee. With over 200 recipes from the best places to eat on the road, you can experience America's favorite kitchens without leaving your home. 

The All-American Truck Stop Cookbook will also take you down memory lane with nostalgic photos of some of the early truck stops along with pictures of truck stops of today. You will also learn about some of the more fabulous and interesting truck stops, such as Iowa 80, the world's largest truck stop; Coldfoot, the northernmost truck stop in the world miles inside the Arctic Circle; and the Dixie Truckers Home, perhaps the oldest continuous truck stop. Check your oil, filler up, and get ready to dig into these all-American recipes and stories from leading truck stops all across America. 


Condition: Cover and interior pages are in nice condition. Front cover's top right corner shows some minor creasing. 

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