The Complete American-Jewish Cookbook

The Complete American-Jewish Cookbook presents over 3,500 kosher recipes. Farfel Pancakes, Passover Raisin Wine, Sweet-Sour Beef, Passover Puffs, Hamantaschen, Baked Kishke, and Strudel are some of the Jewish recipes found inside this comprehensive cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 652 pages. 

Copyright: 1971 

Publisher: Thomas Y. Crowell 

Author: Anne London and Bertha Kahn Bishov 

ISBN: 9780690003369

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Description: Here is the last word in Jewish cook books: a giant volume that includes more than 3500 tested kosher recipes, and thousands of helpful hints for all kinds of cookery. This is the most complete volume devoted to Jewish cooking ever published in this country, and it has now been thoroughly revised and updated. 

Like all national dishes, Jewish cooking has a wide and well-earned reputation among gourmets of all extractions throughout the country, and amateur cooks itching to try their hand at the more exotic Jewish dishes will find here the exact recipes for meats, fish, poultry, eggs, soups, vegetables, sauces, dressings, pickles, desserts, and other foods that make Jewish meals so delicious. 

These recipes are designed to be read with ease and are written in the simplest possible style, easy to follow. The illustrations are black-and-white photographs of food in preparation, from the step-by-step process of preparing fowl in every way to the exact method of baking cakes, breads, etc. 

Some of the special features of this book include: How to Follow a Recipe Successfully, How to Measure Accurately, Introduction to Modern Jewish Cookery, Glossary of Special Terms of Yiddish or Hebrew Origin, Deep Fat Frying, Temperatures, How to Whip Cream, etc., plus canning and freezing hints, Weight and Calorie Table, Glossary of Culinary Terms, How to Buy Wisely, How to Store Foods, and various nutritional supplements. 


Condition: Cover has some small tears and creases. Interior jacket flap clipped. Interior good condition. 

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