Glorious American Food

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Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 339 pages. 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Smithmark Publishers 

Author: Christopher Idone 

ISBN: 9780765191151

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Description: Glorious American Food won numerous awards when it was first published in hardcover, including "Cookbook of the Year" and "Best General Cookbook" from the Duncan Hines International Association of Cooking Professionals and the Photographers Annual Award for 1986. In addition, the New York Times called it the cookbook of the year in their annual roundup. Glorious American Food was repeatedly hailed as the single most original, most beautiful book ever to be published on American food. 

With his trademark genius for extraordinary menus in spectacular presentation, Christopher Idone, author of the hugely successful Glorious Food, presents a sumptuous array of regional American food, from its traditional beginnings to its amazing contemporary variety. With 250 full-color photographs by Tom Eckerle, Glorious American Food celebrates a regional pilgrimage across the United States. 

Offering recipes as honest as the land itself and as varied as the lives of the people who have worked that land, Idone explores with historic fidelity the gifts of the Spanish and Mexicans in the Southwest, the French and the Africans of the Gulf States, and the English, Italians, Irish Germans and Portuguese of the East. More than seventy complete menus embrace the bounty of the four seasons, with more than 275 of Christopher Idone's elegant and inspired recipes. 

American food was born of the marriage of the settler and his land, and transformed by the genius of generations of native cooks, and here it all is, brilliantly adapted by Christopher Idone for today's kitchens. 


Condition: Good condition. Jacket has a few small tears. 

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