Cookbook To Serve 2, 9 or 24 - America's Best Restaurant Recipes

Cookbook To Serve 2, 9 or 24 - America's Best Restaurant Recipes was published in 1973. This cookbook compiles recipes from famous restaurants, of the time, across the United States. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 346 pages. 

Copyright: 1973, Book Club Edition 

Publisher: Quadrangle 

Author: Barbara Kraus 

ISBN: 9780812903171

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Description: Two and two do not always make four -- as every good cook knows. Converting the average recipe for six into an intimate dinner for two or a banquet meal is no simple matter of arithmetic. Most recipes can be doubled or divided successfully, but making a small quantity may disappoint -- the White House Syndrome a la the Nixon-Cox wedding cake has taught us to watch that company size conversion. The balance of ingredients often needs adjusting and differing techniques may be called for -- and it takes an expert to know how to do it. 

Barbara Kraus, noted cook and food authority, figures it out for you in this unique cookbook. Selecting the most delicious recipes from restaurants all over America, she shows the home cook how to serve them up for 2,6 or 24 -- using only basic home kitchen equipment. The recipes range from gourmet to simple. There are luncheon and dinner main courses, soups, breads, desserts. 

Each recipe includes clear, easy to follow directions. The costs of ingredients are across the board, for the economy minded as well as those for whom cost is no object. Special tips on freezing enable those who like to cook ahead to make large quantities; taking advantage of food sales and packaging their own TV dinners. 

For the seasoned dinner-party hostess or the newlywed couple, for the cook who has mismultiplied a recipe once too often, for restaurant-goers who would love to reproduce those fabulous meals at home, this book is an invaluable volume. 

A sampling of the 150 selected recipes: 

  • Bulgarian Cucumber-Yoghurt Soup from Lickety Split, Philadelphia 
  • Bean Pot Soup from Tiffany's Restaurant-Saloon, Carrillos, New Mexico 
  • Tiki-Tiki Chicken from The Islander, Los Angeles 
  • Stuffed Cabbage from Pumpernik's, Miami Beach 
  • Su Su Lobster Curry from Dobb's House Luau, Memphis 
  • Onion Pie from Win Schuler's.Marshall, Michigan 
  • Zucchini Souffle from Blue Fox, San Francisco 
  • Lindy's Cheesecake (yes, the one) from the legendary restaurant in New York 


Condition: Good condition. Light shelf wear. Jacket flap has a crease. 

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