America's Best Lost Recipes

America's Best Lost Recipes from the editors of Cook's Country Magazine presents 121 memorable heirloom recipes to prepare at home. Here are generations of regional family recipes. This cookbook is loaded with photos of finished dishes and step-by-step photos for some of the recipe preparations. 


Format: Hardcover internal spiral bound, 214 pages. 

Copyright: 2007 

Publisher: America's Test Kitchen 

Author: America's Test Kitchen 

ISBN: 9781933615189

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Description: So just what is a lost recipe? Many are simply great family recipes, handed down through the generations, and some are one-of-a-kind recipes or regional specialties like Tennessee Stack Cake (an Appalachian wedding cake). 

Others were born out of the frugality (and ingenuity) necessitated by wartime rationing like Chocolate Mayonnaise Cake. Still others owe their inspiration to America's earliest settlers (Pepper Pot Soup, Indian Pudding, Slipped Custard Pie) or to immigrants who passed through the gates of Ellis Island with recipes like Napoli Country Cheese Pie (a rich pie served at the end of Lent) and Ma's Kichel (savory onion crackers, a specialty of kosher bakeries). 

But regardless of their origin, these recipes, along with the stories they tell, deserve to be saved and passed along. You'll find these treasures and many more like them in America's Best Lost Recipes, a book that grew out of a nationwide contest for the best heirloom recipes. 

And since the recipes have been selected and put through their paces by the editors of Cook's Country magazine, you can be sure they really work. A slice of Americana, America's Best Lost Recipes aims to preserve the best our culinary heritage has to offer. 


Condition: Bottom edge of cover has some worn cover material. Further good condition. 

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