Iowa Amana Colony Recipes Cookbook

Amana Colony Recipes Cookbook shares recipes from the seven villages that make up the Amana Society located in east central Iowa. Recipes once geared toward a group of thirty plus hungry villagers have been redesigned to serve a single family. 


Format: Softcover, 120 pages 

Copyright: 1976 

Publisher: The Ladies Auxiliary of the Homestead Welfare Club 

Author: The Ladies Auxiliary of the Homestead Welfare Club 

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Description: Amana is a name that has spelled good food for may years to persons who visit and dine in the seven villages that comprise the Amana Society in east central Iowa. Inside the Amana Colony Recipes Cookbook, the recipes for typical Amana dishes have been compiled by the Ladies Auxiliary of the Homestead Welfare Club. 

While the original recipes were meant to be served in the separate community kitchens to thirty or more people who always came hurriedly and hungrily when the big bell in the steeple chimed the dinner hour, the recipes in this book have been scaled down to fit one-family appetites. 

The recipes are of a wide variety -- the substantial everyday main dishes and the dainty, fancy cookies baked only at Christmastime, the dishes whose principal ingredient is the potato grown in abundance on the home acres and dishes concocted from the fragrant spices, fruits, and nuts of the Orient., the dishes prepared by the ancestors of present day Amana cooks several hundred years ago in Europe and the dishes developed by some bright young matron to take full advantage of the abundant Iowa harvests. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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