I'm Just Here for the Food Cookbook - Alton Brown

I'm Just Here for the Food Cookbook by Alton Brown brings you a comprehensive instruction manual for cooking with Brown's recipes, kitchen information, meat maps, and more. Inside you'll find recipes along with a lot of wit, wisdom, history, pop culture, science, practical knowledge and more. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 287 pages.

Copyright: 2002

Publisher: Harry N. Abrams

Author: Alton Brown

ISBN: 9781584790839

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Description: As host of Food Network's Good Eats, Alton Brown entertains and informs viewers with a lively mix of wit blended with wisdom, history with pop culture, and science with the kind of common cooking sense that our grand- mothers took for granted.

In this, his first cookbook, Brown presents readers with an instruction manual for the kitchen, combining more than 80 recipes with a wealth of information that allows anyone -- at any level of expertise -- to understand the whys and wherefores of cooking.

Organized by cooking method, using both dry and wet heat, each section is a module on a given technique. More than fifteen different methods are explained in detail, from pan searing to pressure cooking, stewing to steaming. A "master" recipe is provided for each, accompanied by a selection of recipes -- both simple and sophisticated -- that epitomize the technique described. The text is accented throughout with food facts, history and lore, and science -- all of which heighten the reader's understanding of how cooking has developed and why recipes work the way they do. Other sections detail the "before and after" of flavoring (brining and marinating to sauces and gravies), food hygiene, and what should be in the well-equipped kitchen.

With I'm Just Here For the Food, Brown has created a cookbook unlike any other, one for people who would rather understand their food than follow a recipe. A mix of cutting edge graphics and a fresh take on preparing food, this is the book that his legion of fans has been clamoring for.


Condition: Good condition.

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