Along the Northern Border Cookery

Along the Northern Border Cookery in Idaho, Minnesota, and North Dakota is a cookbook from the Cookery Americana series of 27 cookbooks in 15 volumes. 


Format: Hardcover, 127 pages. 

Copyright: 1973 

Publisher: Ayer Company Publishers 

Author: Louis Szathmary 

ISBN: 9780405050404

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Description: Cookery Americana is a series of 27 cookbooks in 15 volumes that chronicles a fascinating aspect of American social life over the past 150 years. These volumes provide unique insight into the American experience and follow the movement of pioneer America from the original colonies to the Great Plains and westward to the Pacific. More than cookbooks, these works were manuals for daily living: household management, etiquette, home medicinal remedies, and much more. See the last pages of this volume for a complete listing of the series. 

Louis I. Szathmary, Advisory Editor for this series, is an internationally known chef, food management consultant, owner of the renowned Chicago restaurant, The Bakery, and author of the best selling The Chef's Secret Cookbook (Quadrangle Books, 1971). As a serious student of the history of cookery, he has collected a library of several thousand cookbooks dating back to the 15th century. All of the works in Cookery Americana are from his private collection. 


Condition: Edge cover slightly dented. Further good condition. 

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