Alice's Restaurant Cookbook

Alice's Restaurant Cookbook with 33RPM Arlo Guthrie record makes for a fantastic collectible. It contains a special record in the cookbook. You will also find 232 recipes from Alice's Restaurant, owned by Alice Brock, that inspired the famous Arlo Guthrie album. This cookbook was authored by Alice Brock. This is the 1969, Fourth Printing. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket and plastic protective sleeve, 148 pages. 

Copyright: 1969, Fourth Printing 

Publisher: Random House 

Author: Alice May Brock 

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Description: We all know "You can get anything you want at Alice's Restaurant." Now you can get it all right in your own kitchen! Here are 232 actual edible magnificent recipes, from Beef Stroganoff ("the most popular dish in the restaurant") to Mom's Pork Delight ("piggies are my favorite animals") to Mexican Heartburngers ("serve them and run!"). Every delicious phrase was written entirely by Alice -- yes, there really is an Alice -- who has also added lots of relevant and helpful bits of information plus a record by Arlo Guthrie (Remember Arlo?) and plenty of drawings and photos and so forth... 

Alice's Restaurant Cookbook is, as Alice puts it, dedicated to the proposition that "Being a good cook is not just being able, after careful preparation with all the proper ingredients, to prepare a terrific meal. It is being able to prepare a terrific meal out of absolutely anything, anytime, with whatever you happen to have in the house." And all you need to be a good, Alice-style cook is "confidence, a sense of humor, and a little nerve." 

To demonstrate her point, Alice exposes the hidden secrets of foreign cuisine in just four inspired sentences (see page 25). In another chapter she reveals that "Just because you have four chairs, six plates and three cups is no reason why you can't invite twelve people to dinner," and then goes on to tell even the least experienced cook exactly how to pull it off. And so on... 

Condition: Minor shelf wear and clipped jacket flap. Further good condition. 

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