Al Khobar Cookbook 2 Saudi Arabia

Al Khobar Cookbook 2 from the International Working Group Saudi Arabia contains recipes contributed by its members of IWG. Recipes have been handed down in families and from cookbooks. We've even spotted some Dutch recipes like Dutch Endive Mix and Wentelteefjes. We also see a nice Milookhyiyya or Egyptian Green Herb Soup, and a Louisiana Yam Crown Cake from the U.S.  


Format: Paperback spiral bound, 219 pages 


Publisher: The International Working Group 

Author: Members of the Cookbook Committee 

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Additional Details

Description: The Al Khobar Cookbook II from the IWG organization, Saudi Arabia region, offers a diverse blend of international recipes from around the world. You'll enjoy this community fundraising cookbook and its memorable dishes. 


Condition: Cover, interior pages and spiral are in good condition. Back cover's bottom left corner is slightly creased. Edges show minor shelf wear. 

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