Adventures in Greek Cookery

Adventures in Greek Cookery is a special cookbook with Greek recipes that will delight family and friends. Beyond just recipes, the book shares information on Greek cuisine itself -- from its history to the related customs. 


Format: Hardcover, 337 pages. 

Copyright: 1972 

Publisher:  Thomas Y. Crowell Company 

Author: Stella Kopulos and Dorothy P. Jones 

ISBN: 9780690003253

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Description: Any adventurous, versatile cook who has ever traveled to Greece, dined in a Greek restaurant, or had the good fortune to be a guest in a Greek home has probably often wished to duplicate delectable Greek specialties in his or her own kitchen. With Adventures in Greek Cookery, anyone who takes pleasure in experimenting in the kitchen and preparing imaginative meals can transform everyday American fare into food fit for the gods by serving it with a Greek accent. From hors d'oeuvres and soups to desserts and sweets, easy-to-follow recipes for every course are provided. 

Start off a meal with yialandii dolmadakia (stuffed grape leaves) and taramosalata (caviar salad); for the next course, perhaps some avgolemono soupy (egg and lemon soup), followed by moussaka (eggplant and meat with custard), a favorite Greek entree. Treat your family or guests to a dessert of baklava (honey-soaked nut pastry), and you will have served just one of several hundred combinations of complete Greek meals possible if you follow the explicit directions in this attractive and useful volume. 

In addition to the extensive and varied collection of authentic recipes that Stella Kopulos has gathered and prepared over many years, there is fascinating information about Greek cuisine -- its characteristics, history, and special significance in terms of the folkways and religious customs of the Greek people. Helpful notes identifying the origins of a dish, or showing how variations may be achieved by substituting ingredients familiar and satisfying to the American palate, accompany many of the recipes. 


Condition: Dust jacket cover has some small tears. Inside flap is clipped. 

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