Adventures in French Cooking Autographed

Adventures in French Cooking is an autographed cookbook by Myriam Guidroz. The cookbook is vintage and contains 300 French recipes from simple to elegant -- all with easy-to-follow instruction. There are even some Belgian dishes inside this cookbook find of French dishes made available to the American cook. 


Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 374 pages 

Copyright: 1970. First printing 

Publisher: The MacMillan Company 

Author: Myriam Guidroz 

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Description: Now you can easily create in your own kitchen the fabulous dishes that have made French cuisine internationally famous. In this delightful Adventures in French Cooking cookbook Myriam Guidroz gives easy-to-follow directions for preparing the kind of food French housewives serve their own families and friends. Cooking the French way does not demand long hours in the kitchen, nor will it strain your budget. As the author points out, the French housewife has no more time or money than her American sister. 

Many of the 300 recipes in Adventures in French Cooking, covering the bill of fare from hors d'oeuvres and soups through main dishes and their accompaniments to desserts, are family heirlooms, and not to be found elsewhere. 

There are also some unusual Belgian specialties. All can be prepared with ingredients available in American grocery stores and supermarkets. 

Unlike other books on French cookery, Adventures in French Cooking emphasizes delicious, imaginative, inexpensive and quickly prepared family fare. There are, however, many elegant and original party dishes and menus, and the great French specialties such as Potage a la Reine, Petite Marmite, Oeufs a la Russe, Petits Pois a la Franchise, Boeuf Bourguignon, Blanquette de Veau, Cassoulet, Souffle au Chocolat, and Brioche, are generously represented in authentic recipes. In each chapter you will find excellent menu suggestions and suitable wines to go with the meal. 

The cookbook will also lead you on to your own adventures in French cooking. There are many possible variations on the basic recipes. For instance, once you have learned to make a perfect veloute (just as easy and much tastier than plain American white sauce) you can experiment by adding mushrooms, shrimp, grated cheese, different wines, even leftovers. The mouth-watering chapter on desserts and pastries gives basic directions for pastry shells, crepes, cremes, mousses, and other delicacies, and indicates various ways to embellish them. Master the simple art of roasting chicken the French way, and then be inventive with herbs, brandy, a wide range of sauces. You will even discover how to use "convenience" foods in more exciting ways than you thought possible. 

The real secret of the reputation of French cooking comes from (1) careful selection of ingredients; (2) artful combination of the dishes that go well together; and (3) imaginative decoration to appeal to eye as well as palate. These accomplishments are clarified in the book, which, along with its practicality, will add a whole new dimension to your cooking. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket's edges are frayed with some tears. Interior very good. 

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