Across Colorado Cookbook

Across Colorado Cookbook brings you fresh, contemporary flavors from the volunteers of Colorado's Historical Society. This cookbook also contains historical photos from the State. 


Format: Hardcover, 335 pages 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: Colorado's Historical Society 

Author: Members of The Volunteers of Colorado's Historical Society 

ISBN: 9781570982033

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Description: From all regions of the highest state, Across Colorado offers you a cookbook, a collection of anecdotes, and superb photographs, many unpublished, from the Colorado Historical Society's collection.

You will find excerpts from Augusta Tabor's diary and Charlie Brown's formula for his legendary Pit Barbecue in Maybell, in the state's northwestern corner. . . choice recipes that reflect Colorado's diverse cultures . . . a diary recording a courtship that flowered into marriage, left by the postmistress of Vega and coauthored by her husband-to-be ..." 

The most difficult task of this project was selecting the very best recipes from the hundreds submitted ... our emphasis was on contemporary, fresh flavors, reflecting both urban and rural styles. The recipes have been tested and retested by volunteer cooks in their mile-high kitchens. Recipes were edited for ease of preparation; recipes contributed by restaurants were reformatted for home kitchens. The simplicity of the recipes should make them usable by cooks with a wide range of skill and inclination. 


Condition: Scratches on back cover. Opening blank page lightly worn from sticker removal. Further good condition. 


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