Abbey Restaurant Cookbook Atlanta, Georgia

Inspired recipes from the great Atlanta restaurant The Abbey are featured inside The Abbey Cookbook by Chef Hans Bertram. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 212 pages. 

Copyright: 1982 

Publisher: Harvard Common Press 

Author: Hans Bertram 

ISBN: 9780916782269

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Description: In the heart of downtown Atlanta, minutes from the ultramodern towers of the convention hotels that rise above the city, there stands an old church. The soft red of its bricks stands out against the bustling street corner of Piedmont and Ponce de Leon; its bell tower rises in massive, ornate dignity towards the sky. Outside, a small sign marks the awninged entranceway. This is the Abbey, Atlanta's finest old-world dining place. 

Inside the Abbey, there is an atmosphere of hushed grandeur that is brought about first of all by the magnificence of the interior. Vaulted ceilings soar fifty feet overhead. Stained glass windows glow their brilliant colors into the dusk. Heavy wooden tables and high-backed monastery chairs are spaced throughout the nave, the raised altar platform, the sanctuary. Waiters in the brown robes of monks serve those who dine, moving swiftly and quietly at their tasks.  


Condition: Good condition. 

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