A Texas Hill Country Cookbook

A Texas Hill Country Cookbook is a regional community cookbook prepared by members of the Blue Haven Foundation and the community. Recipes include the contributor's name. There are all sorts of cuisines, both regional, American, and international. 


Format: Softcover spiral bound, 406 pages 

Copyright: 1982, Eighth Printing 

Publisher: Blue Haven Foundation 

Author: Cookbook Committee of the Blue Haven Foundation 

ISBN: 9780960921003

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Description: The legendary Texas Hill Country fans out for hundreds of square miles to the north of San Antonio. It has been said that the Alamo City is every Texan's spiritual hometown. It can be said that the Hill Country is many a Texan's dream location for a permanent or vacation home. 

Many of the fun-filled days are climaxed with get-togethers and parties in the evening, or other times of the day for that matter. Many are the gourmet delights served by hosts and hostesses on these frequent occasions. So numerous have been the requests for recipes for preparing these good foods, ranging from the ubiquitous red bean to the exotic mango, it followed as the rainbow the summer shower, that a group of us set about compiling them. 

In addition to our own favorites, we were most fortunate to obtain recipes from residents of the surrounding Hill Country towns of Marble Falls, Burnet, Llano, Stonewall, Johnson City, Mason, Fredericksburg and Kerrville. Included are other favorites used in our area, but emanating from friends and relatives elsewhere in Texas and across the country. As we are a mixed but cohesive people, so is our cuisine. After an eon of writing and phoning, testing and tasting, we present what came to be known affectionately by the Cookbook Committee as le petit kook- booc. 

To give you a visual taste of our countryside and our heritage there are included sketches of Hill Country historical landmarks done by a Deerhaven artist. Our past and our present are between these covers. It is our sincere wish that by visiting the Hill Country and by using these recipes in your home, you will be a part of our future. 


Condition: Good condition 

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