400 Blender Cocktails

This 400 Blender Cocktails recipes book offers blends with alcohol and non-alcoholic selections. Here are some fun concoctions to try at home with all sorts of options with everything from vodka to tequila, plus alcohol-free Mocktails. 


Format: Softcover, 256 pages. 

Copyright: 2006 

Publisher: Robert Rose 

Author: Andrew Chase, Alison Kent and Nicole Young 

ISBN: 9780778801429

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Description: Have fun with these blended cocktails: Hint o' Raspberry Cream, Polar Express, Lemongrass Martini, Vodka Alexander, Chipotle Bloody Mary, Mint Cucumber Refresher, Cuban Morning, Frozen Mint Julep, Orange Gin Blossom, Tennessee Lemonade, Raspberry Silk, Kiwitini, Lush Lemon, Frozen B-52, Truffle in a Glass, Ruby Red Fizz, Berry Mojito 

  • Recipes for everything from vodka and rum drinks to tequila and sake cocktails 
  • Valuable tips and techniques for creating the perfect cocktail 
  • An entire Mocktails chapter for those times when you don't wish to imbibe 
  • Every recipe created exclusively for blender use 


Cocktails are all the rage again, whether you are hosting a party or simply relaxing at home. All you need to create truly delicious and decadent beverages is your blender and the inspired recipes found in this delightful cocktail companion. With hundreds of recipes, you are sure to find dozens of favorites for every season and every occasion. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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