101 Wraps and More

101 Wraps and More is a colorful photo-rich cookbook with delicious recipes for easy-to-make wraps, sandwiches, and appetizers. This is a beautiful cookbook that will inspire you to prepare some new dishes for your next party or special meal. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 192 pages. 

Copyright: 1998 

Publisher: Publications International 

Author: Publications International 

ISBN: 9780785324751

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Description: Whether you're planning a weeknight dinner for four or a weekend party for 24, you're faced with the age-old dilemma of what to serve. In 101 Wraps & More you'll find the perfect solution. Wraps! They're easy to prepare and fun to eat.

Enjoy classic ethnic wraps, such as burritos, egg rolls and gyros, or explore today's trendy versions. You'll discover that great meals often come in small packages. 

Jump-start any party with fabulous appetizers. Nothing could be easier than our winning selection of wraps, roll-ups and small sandwiches. In fact, many recipes in our appetizers chapter can be made ahead, so you'll have a few minutes to catch your breath before your guests arrive. Elegant Vietnamese Summer Rolls will start any dinner party with a flourish. Or, try Spinach Cheese Triangles made with frozen phyllo dough for a tasty beginning. 

Four chapters in 101 Wraps & More are brimming with wrap recipes for weekday meals or easy entertaining. You'll find over 60 recipes featuring poultry, meat and seafood -- plus a chapter of meatless recipes. All are perfect for lunch as well as dinner. Meal planning just got easier!

Don't miss wonderful poultry pleasures like Pesto Chicken & Pepper Wraps filled with succulent grilled chicken and red bell peppers or tortillas wrapped around a quick-to-fix filling of chicken, saffron rice and spinach. In the meat chapter, feast on a great selection of Mexican treats from fajitas and burritos to tacos and chimichangas. In addition, you'll also discover flavorful Asian wraps, tasty pita wraps and spicy Italian calzones. 

For a change of pace, choose seafood crepes, fish tacos or shrimp burritos. You'll find more than 15 delicious entrees for the occasional or full-time vegetarian in "Dazzling Meatless Wraps." With all of these fabulous recipes to choose from, anyone can wrap up a successful party or easy family meal. 

If you love to entertain but busy schedules make getting together difficult, a weekend brunch just might be the answer. Our brunch chapter offers loads of recipes for burritos, enchiladas and wraps filled with eggs, cheese or ham. Choose Monte Cristo Sandwiches for the perfect Sunday breakfast treat -- what better way to enjoy some relaxing family time? 

Challenge your taste buds with hearty sandwiches, such as Blue Cheese Burgers with Red Onion or Grilled Chicken Pitas. They're a great choice for lunch, or pair them with soup or salad for a satisfying dinner. 

Whether you're looking for good nutrition or a light meal, or just want to alleviate the guilt of a decadent dessert, check Healthy Wraps & More for great ideas. You'll never miss the fat and calories when you choose Turkey Gyros or Barbecued Pork Sandwiches. 

Remember, whenever time is short or you're fresh out of dinnertime ideas, turn to 101 Wraps & More. You'll find an unbeatable collection of your favorite recipes all wrapped up in one fantastic cookbook. 


Condition: Good condition. Light crease in jacket. 

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