1001 Cookies

Cookie encyclopedia 1001 Cookies features an A-to-Z collection of recipes for all kinds of bars, cookies, biscuits, squares, and more, each accompanied by a thumbnail image of the finished result. 


Format: Softcover, 428 pages. 

Copyright: 1995 

Publisher: Black Dog & Leventhal 

Author: Gregg R. Gillespie 

ISBN: 9781579122980

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Description: It's here! Never before has there been a book like this one – and how have bakers survived without it? This is the most complete, the most user-friendly, the ultimate cookie collection, sure to be the last word on the subject for years to come. 

Gregg Gillespie has roamed the earth in search of cookies – zeroing in on the best versions of tried- and-true classics, and discovering deliciously innovative new tastes and textures. The result is a meticulously compiled cookie encyclopedia, ranging from the most basic shortbreads to wonderfully complex creations for every occasion. Multiple versions of popular favorites, from Chocolate Brownies to Oatmeal Cookies, make this the only cookie resource anyone needs -- and inventive new recipes provide an inspiring change for the seasoned baker. 

Organized in a simple, alphabetical format with a handsome and helpful color photograph accompanying each recipe, 1001 Cookies features complete instructions for the widest variety of bars, drops, crescents, snaps, squares, biscuits... in short, everything that crumbles. All recipes are designed for use by beginners as well as experienced kitchen magicians, and often feature suggestions for ingredient substitutions and variations. An introduction elaborating on the types and uses of standard ingredients and utensils provides a quick tour through the basics of sure-fire cookie baking. 

Browsable indexes – organized by ingredient as well as by category of cookie – mean that just the right recipe is always at a baker's fingertips. Feel like making a brownie? Or a drop cookie? Or something with coconut? A glance down the specialized list helps focus on the perfect choice. 

We never outgrow our love of cookies in all of their myriad shapes, flavors, and textures: they're the ultimate indulgence. And now, thanks to cookie guru Gregg Gillespie, their infinite variety and delight are neatly captured between the covers of this miraculous book. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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