Betty Crocker Vegetarian Cooking - Meatless Cookbook

Betty Crocker Vegetarian Cooking is a meatless cookbook with 200 easy recipes and 14 meatless menus, plus info on vegetarian eating. The cookbook has some nice full color images of many of the recipes, and also includes nutritional information for each recipe. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 256 pages 

Copyright: 1997 

Publisher: General Mills, Inc.

Author: Hungry Minds, Inc. 

ISBN: 9780028622613

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Description: It's found in all cultures and has been around for thousands of years. It has endless variety, tastes great and is easy to do. What are we talking about? Vegetarian cuisine! Jump right into cooking meatless meals using ingredients you already have on your shopping list. You won't need special ingredients, special equipment or special trips to out-of-the-way stores. Are you hungry for a hearty soup, a mile-high sandwich or a zesty pizza? How about making an easy skillet meal? You can warm up to cozy one-dish oven meals and add pizzazz with simple side dishes and breads right here. 

With Betty Crocker's Vegetarian Cooking, its hard to go wrong. Inside, you'll find 200 delicious, family-style meatless recipes making it easy to cook vegetarian meals any day of the week. Since you may have both vegetarian and non-vegetarians at your dinner table, we've created an easy option: Over 40 recipes include a variation on how to add chicken, fish or seafood for occasional vegetarians or families with non-vegetarians. 

Vegetarian eating is becoming increasingly popular for many reasons: the desire to reduce or eliminate meat and eat healthier foods overall, or for philosophical reasons. If you're a newcomer to vegetarian eating, Betty Crocker can help. Learn about the different kinds of vegetarian diets and their nutrition benefits. We disarm common myths about vegetarianism such as "I Won't Get Enough Protein." Scan "Going Meatless: A Glossary" to learn about foods and ingredients and get helpful advice when all of a sudden your teenager says, "Mom, I Want to Be a Vegetarian!" 

Let Betty Crocker put it all together for you, with just the right information; study "Stock Options: The Vegetarian Pantry," make easy "Vegetarian Substitutions" and be ready with "Munchies to Have on Hand." Then try it all out with "14 No-Hassle Meatless Menus." 


Condition: Good condition 

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