Turkish Cookery Wonderful Tastes from Turkey

Turkish Cookery, Wonderful Tastes from Turkey, captures the most popular Turkish recipes to share with you through this cookbook. Recipes include their authentic title, as well as the English translation. of the recipe name. 


Format: Softcover, 128 pages. 

Copyright: 2015 

Publisher: Net Turistik Yayinlan 

Author: Inci Kut 

ISBN: 9799754796598

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Description: The culinary art in Turkey is made of a great variety of delicious dishes which are a mixture of various delicacies inherited from different regions of the vast Ottoman Empire, while unfortunately many of them have long been forgotten through the centuries. 

Among different parts of the Turkish Cookery, the most notable are: hors d'oeuvres (meze); pastries (borek) filled with meat, cheese, vegetables or any other filling depending on the imagination; stuffed vegetables and vine leaves (dolma) of two different kinds with meat or rice; broiled or roasted meat dishes (kebap and kofte); different kinds of rice dishes (pilav); and finally vegetables cooked in olive oil (zeytinyagli). This last one is particularly notable: a certain vegetable is cooked with onions and tomatoes in abundant olive oil and garnished with salt, sugar and sometimes garlic, and served cold. Egg-plant in olive oil, the famous "imambayildi" is particularly worth mentioning. It means "the imam fainted", but the legend does not clarify whether the imam fainted because of the tastiness of the dish, or because of the great amount of olive oil used in it! 

After such a great variety of delicious dishes, the desserts also take a great part. In Turkey, apart from the European type pastry-shops, there are special and traditional milk pudding and sweet pastry shops. A rich Turkish table is always finished off with the famous Turkish coffee; which is well toasted and finely ground coffee simmered with or without sugar in a special long-handled pot called "cezve". 


Condition: Good condition. 

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