A Taste of Norway

A Taste of Norway cookbook features authentic Norwegian recipes from Chef Arne Brimi. Brimi bases his recipes on nature's own ingredients. 


Format: Hardcover, 139 pages. 

Copyright: 1988 

Publisher: Norwegian University Press 

Author: Arne Brimi 

ISBN: 9788200036067

$12.00 $10.99

Additional Details

Description: Norwegian food is exciting -- especially when the Norwegian Chef Arne Brimi is in charge of the recipes. 

Arne Brimi's starting point is traditional Norwegian recipes made from Norwegian raw materials. He prepares nature's own ingredients with the refinery of French cuisine; spices and herbs are used to bring out the natural flavours of game, poultry, fish and berries. This cookbook is a cultural history as well as a culinary masterpiece. 

How would you like to serve Norwegian smoked and cured salmon, breast of mountain grouse, filet of reindeer, or cloudberries with vanilla parfait? 

This cookbook has been a bestseller in Norway, and we are very happy to present an English edition to all those who have been looking for that very special Norwegian cookbook. All the ingredients are given in American measurements. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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