Spanish Cookery International Wine and Food Society

Tapas and other Spanish recipes are found inside this 1971 cookbook, The International Wine and Food Society's Guide to Spanish Cookery. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 200 pages. 

Copyright: 1971 

Publisher: Drake Publishers 

Author: Mary Hillgarth 

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Description: Spanish cookery spans a wide gamut -- from the hearty potajes, stews and rice dishes which provide the mainstay of the provincial diet, to elegant and festive creations such as zarzuela (one of the most magnificent fish dishes in the world) and rodaballo de fiesta (turbot simmered in champagne). 

Mary Hillgarth, who has lived in Spain for many years, writes on Spanish cookery with authority and enthusiasm, to reveal the variety and individuality of the cuisine. From the introductory chapter on the culinary influences of the Roman, Moorish and French invasions, the geography and climate of the country, and the strong provincial pride of the Spaniards, emerges a clear picture of the evolution of the cuisine. Among the more than four hundred recipes are included the famous gazpacho and paella Valenciana, as well as susquet (a stew of three different fish), Majorcan casserole of eggs and Romesco sauce, those equally classical dishes little known outside Spain. Also, as an aid to the reader, the availability of Spanish spices and ingredients is discussed, with suggested substitutions for those which are not exported. 

The eight color plates are of authentically prepared dishes, with some accompaniments or suitable wines. 


Condition: Good condition. Dust jacket some peeling laminate down the left edge. 

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