Easy Mediterranean Cookbook

Over 100 simply delicious recipes for the world's healthiest way to eat are found inside the Easy Mediterranean cookbook designed for the Mediterranean diet. 


Format: Softcover, 207 pages. 

Copyright: 2016 

Publisher: Murdoch Books 

Author: Sue Quinn 

ISBN: 9781743367469

$11.00 $9.99

Additional Details

Description: Doctors and scientists around the world hail the Mediterranean diet as the healthiest possible way to eat, linking it to lower risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and other illnesses. Easy Mediterranean celebrates this nutritious -- and, most importantly, delicious -- approach to food. Sue Quinn combines the vibrant flavors of the countries that hug the Mediterranean Sea to create fresh and contemporary dishes that taste wonderful and are also good for you. Vegetables, fruit, grains, legumes and seafood take center stage in 100 recipes -- with meat, poultry and sweet dishes in the mix, too. All are easy to prepare and share, reflecting a cornerstone of the Mediterranean approach: that food should be a pleasure to be enjoyed with friends and family. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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