At the Table of Jim Thompson - Bangkok Thai Restaurants

At the Table of Jim Thompson is a cookbook of Thai recipes from Bangkok restaurateur Jim Thompson. Thompson. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, # pages. 

Copyright: 2004

Publisher: Archipelago Press

Author: Jim Thompson

ISBN: 9789814068321

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Description: Having gained international renown as Bangkok's most celebrated social center, the house Jim Thompson built on the banks of the Klong Maha Nag still preserves the spirit and legend of the man. The Jim Thompson house, as it is popularly known, was the setting for the many parties and dinners which Jim Thompson hosted during his time in Thailand. These were always major social events, and the dining room of the house has seen the likes of New York glitterati and the best of Thai society pass through its doors. 

Thai food was an essential part of dinners at the house, and guests were always delighted by the dishes featured, which often comprised traditional Thai cuisine. In At the Table of Jim Thompson, dishes which used to grace these memorable parties can now be recreated in your own kitchen, allowing you to savor the flavors and ambience which were the mainstays of dinners at the house on the klong. 

The three Jim Thompson restaurants in Bangkok were established to preserve the atmosphere that prevailed at dinner parties thrown by Jim Thompson. Located in the main silk shop, an old two-story house on Saladaeng Road and a Thai-style building adjacent to his house, the last being the latest and most elaborate addition to the group, all three serve a selection of Thai classics in relaxed, tasteful surroundings. 

In keeping with the pioneering spirit that marked all of Jim Thompson's endeavors, novel dishes have also found their way onto the menu. Thai-Muslim and Thai-Continental are among the fusions that take place in the kitchens of Jim Thompson restaurants, and are reflective of the colorful string of guests who found themselves being served at his house. 

The restaurants seek to recreate the sparkle and effervescence that made his parties such singular affairs through their décor, service and, of course, the food that was always the highlight at Jim Thompson's table. At the Table of Jim Thompson give readers the opportunity to bring the restaurants' signature recipes back home with them. 


Condition: Good condition. 

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