How to Cook Like a Jewish Mother Cookbook by June Roth

Borscht, matzo balls, blintzes, kreplach, and scores of other Jewish recipes are featured in the How to Cook Like a Jewish Mother cookbook. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 152 pages. 

Copyright: 1993 

Publisher: Castle Books 

Author: June Roth 

ISBN: 9781555218997

$12.00 $10.99

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Description: You don't have to be Jewish to enjoy the delectable variety of Jewish cooking. Since Jews have sojourned in virtually every corner of the world, adding the best and most appealing dishes from many lands to their cuisine, Jewish cooking is a veritable melting pot and perhaps the most international way of preparing fine food. 

This cookbook brings the best of Jewish cooking into your home – recipes that have been handed down for countless generations and traditional menus for special holiday meals. The recipes run the gamut of the menu, from appetizers to main courses to desserts. Each recipe, though adapted to the modern kitchen, retains the "secret ingredient" that makes the dish authentic and delicious. 

The author's entertaining discussion of the history and origin of Jewish cooking will provide excellent dinner conversation, too. The warmth and festiveness of Jewish family life bubbles through her humorous prefaces to such chapters as "How to Tell a Jewish Mother," "You've Got to Have Tarn," "Jewish Penicillin and Other Magic Brews," "All Kinds of Noodles," "Have a Piece of Chicken," and "A Balabusta's Bake-Off." 


Condition: Back flap has a crease. Further good condition. 

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