Spanish Cooking by Elizabeth Cass

Spanish Cooking was written by Elizabeth Cass in 1957. This is the 1971 printing and features authentic Spanish recipes and information on the principles of Spanish cooking. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 327 pages. 

Copyright: 1971, Third Impression 

Publisher: Andre Deutsch 

Author: Elizabeth Cass 

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Description: Doctor Cass practiced for many years in Gibraltar, from where she made extensive journeys through Spain. Her skill as a cook is combined with an exploratory spirit and a lively enjoyment of good food. She carried home recipes from every region, tested them, compared them, checked and double-checked them, and has now set them out clearly and concisely for English-speaking readers. 

She includes for the benefit of travelers in Spain a long chapter on the characteristics dishes of the various regions, with suggestions on what to ask for. She has also had the courage to undertake a classification of the fish to be found off Spanish shores, with descriptive notes on their appearance and eating qualities: a much-needed contribution to the full enjoyment of gastronomic opportunities. 

Although Doctor Cass writes for the kitchen rather than for the bookshelf, her relish for her subject and her detailed knowledge give her book an atmosphere which makes it enjoyable as well as useful. 


Condition: Cover has minor spots. Interior flap clipped. Further good condition. 

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