Gundel's Hungarian Cookbook

Gundel's Hungarian Cookbook is a classic that has been translated in several languages and printed numerous times over. This revised edition brought it up to more modern cooking standards. Anyone with interest in Hungarian cuisine will enjoy preparing the recipes in this treasured book. Crayfish Strudel, Slipped Pancakes, Pork Chops Hungarian Style, and Crepes Gundel Style are some of memorable recipes inside. 


Format: Hardcover, 136 pages.

Copyright: 1994, 17th Edition

Publisher: Corvina Kiado 

Author: Kàroly Gundel

ISBN: 9789631349092

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Description: This edition of Gundel's Hungarian Cookbook was written by Karoly Gundel's two sons, Ferenc and Imre. They are worthy successors to their famous father. Ferenc Gundel is an Associate Professor at the High School of Catering; Imre is an Associate of the Museum of Catering. The book includes a short biography of Karoly Gundel, since 1983 was the 100th anniversary of his birth. The Hungarian People's Republic honored Karoly Gundel's achievements in the culinary field and in the tourist trade, and showed that it valued his character by retaining the Gundel name over his restaurant even after the 1949 Nationalization Act. 


Condition: Good condition

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