Petite Marmite Restaurant Cookbook Palm Beach

Legendary restaurant, Petite Marmite on Worth Avenue in Palm Beach is fondly remembered by many. The Petite Marmite Restaurant Cookbook contains Constanzo Pucillo's recipes from this former Florida institution. This vintage cookbook is certain to bring back cherished memories to patrons of the restaurant. 


Format: Hardcover, 80 pages 

Copyright:  1970

Publisher: Argos, Inc. 

Author: Ilse Hannau 

$16.00 $13.99

Additional Details

Description: Petite Marmite is a favorite restaurant of Palm Beach, Florida's most elegant and sophisticated resort. They remember the exquisite delight of the food and the setting in which it is served as all lovers remember the things that are the most beautiful of their kind, whether it be birds, landscapes, sonatas or sopranos. 

They know that at the Petite Marmite they will dine in the grand manner, on the continental cuisine at its classical best. They know that the Petite Marmite will not only delight their taste buds, but that it will also enchant the eye, the heart, and the spirit, that the menus offered are an artistic achievement of the first order served perfectly in a caressing setting. Their eyes will wander to the orchids, the tree ferns and the graceful arch of the banana trees' leaves in the sunlit patio. They will enjoy the glowing murals on the wall. If they know Capri, they will recognize the scenes those murals recall and find themselves thinking, "Yes, this has the flavor of the best of the Mediterranean world." And they will always remember their favorite dishes at the Petite Marmite as gourmets remember their favorite restaurant of Paris. 


Condition: Good condition.

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