Passionate Vegetarian

Passionate Vegetarian is a comprehensive and giant cookbook with over 1,000 vegetarian recipes. It is literally packed from cover to cover with all sorts of delicious dishes. 


Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 1110 pages. 

Copyright: 2002 

Publisher: Workman Publishing Company 

Author: Crescent Dragonwagon 

ISBN: 9780761128250

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Description: Layer lasagnas with rice paper wrappers or slices of comforting polenta. Use grains other than Arborio rice for richly flavored "Ri-sort-ofs," Run with the "greens gang." Discover a dozen uses -- or more -- for shiitakes, with their incomparable flavor and texture. And add to your cooking a repertoire of ingredients from around the world -- addictive broccoli rabe; the big winter squashes like turbans and hubbards; nutritional yeast, which transforms vegetable stocks with an underlay of richness; meaty tempeh, made from soy, like tofu, but firm, chewy, and versatile; tepary beans from the arid Southwest, faintly sweet and chestnutlike. 

Bright, bold, vibrant and varied, abundant and exuberant, Crescent Dragonwagon's Passionate Vegetarian is a celebratory cornucopia of up-to-the-minute vegetarian cooking. Health-conscious but not fat-phobic, many dishes include vegan options, while others expand the cook's vocabulary with ingredients such as masa harina, seitan, amaranth, umeboshi plum paste, chipotle, and tamarind. A wealth of innovative techniques, "innecdotes," and stories bring the reader directly into the author's kitchen -- it's like cooking side by side with a masterful, generous chef and ebullient raconteur. Best of all, then you get to eat. 

Passionate Vegetarian is also, in a sense, a coming out. Highly praised in Gourmet, Bon Dairy Hollow House, the celebrated country inn she ran with her late husband, Ned Shank, Crescent Dragonwagon reveals that all that time -- going back more than twenty-five years -- she was, and still is, a vegetarian. A passionate vegetarian. For the outside world, who visited the inn and lavished her with compliments (and even wedding proposals), she cooked it all. For her family, her friends, and for herself, what she cooked was this: 

  • The Salad. 
  • Asian Pizza with Asparagus and Eggplant. 
  • Greek-Style Green Beans. 
  • Lemon-Basil Rice Pilaf with White Wine. 
  • Persimmon Sorbet. 
  • Poblanos Stuffed with Veggie Chorizo, Black Beans, and Corn. 
  • Mushroom, Wild Rice, and Lentil Timbale-Cake. 
  • Morning Glorious Muffins. 
  • Dr. Feelgood's Chocolate Cake ... 

not just vegetarian cooking -- but cooking, period -- at its most creative, inspiring, and knock-your-socks-off delicious. 


Condition: Good condition. Back cover jacket has a deep thin scratch. Opening page has very small spot. 

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