Great Garnishes a Wei-Chuan Cookbook

Great Garnishes, a Wei-Chuan cookbook, has many garnish ideas and instruction, along with step-by-step photos.


Format: Softcover, 157 pages. 

Copyright: 1994 

Publisher: Wei-Chuan Publishing 

Author: Su-Huei Huang 

ISBN: 9780941676212

$12.00 $10.99

Additional Details

Description: Great Garnishes is a compilation of prize-winning garnishes submitted by cooking schools, restaurants, and garnish master chefs in Taiwan who participated in contests sponsored by the Wei-Chuan Cultural Educational Foundation with contributions from Tomi Carey of the United States of America. 

This book includes basic techniques for beginners who want to enhance the presentation of dishes and for experts who want to expand their repertoire with more elaborate garnishes; it is also excellent for use as a teaching manual. Garnishes in this book are actually much easier to master than they appear. Each garnish has small pictures showing step-by-step procedures; most of the garnishes may be made simply by looking at the pictures. With practice, various techniques can be mastered and many more designs can be created. 

The Table of Contents lists the names of the garnish experts followed by the garnishes they prepared. This enables the reader to see, to enjoy, and to select from various styles. 


Condition: Cover bent on right side. Further good condition. 

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