LeRuth's Front Door Back Door Cookbook

Cookbook Village store sold this scarce collectible cookbook from Chef Warren Leruth. Leruth was the owner of LeRuth's restaurant in Gretna, Louisiana. Both Leruth and his restaurant remain legendary in the culinary world. The cookbook, LeRuth's Front Door Back Door Cook Book is nearly non-existent on the web. Cookbook Village was fortunate to find a copy of this rare 40-page cookbook. We thought we'd cover it here on our blog before posting it to our store.

Collectors and culinary enthusiasts should enjoy it. If your collecting specialization is regional (New Orleans, Southern, etc.) or based on cuisine style (Cajun, French, etc.) this is the book most certainly for you. We expect once posted it won't be available for long. The cookbook is only 40 pages in length but each and every one of Warren Leruth's recipes is precious. Those who followed his cooking style know the book's true value.


Notice anything unusual about the image? The title appears as LeRuth's Back Door Front Door Cook Book yet our title is the other way around. The cookbook is designed with one side of the book beginning with Front Door, while the other side starts with Back Door. The pages may appear to be upside down if you don't notice it's format is meant to be read part way from front to back and the rest from back to front. At first we didn't get it and thought we had a misprint on our hands.

About Le Ruth's Front Door Back Door Cook Book

Format: Paperback spiral bound, 40 pages.
1976 Fifth Printing
Warren LeRuth
Warren LeRuth

Description: In the menus in LeRuth's Front Door Back Door Cookbook, the restaurant's proprietaire Warren LeRuth, gives you the makings of several fine dinners just as they are cooked at the Gretna, Louisiana restaurant. Crepes ala Ritz, Beignets with New Crop Syrup, Estelle's Pecan Pie and several more recipes are included in this 40 page cookbook. 

About Warren Leruth

A chef, restaurateur and food scientist, Leruth re-inspired French-Creole cooking. He was born in New Orleans and opened LeRuth's restaurant in his hometown in 1965. The restaurant combined traditional New Orleans cuisine with French technique (Leruth was of Belgian ancestry). Considered by many to be the greatest chef of the region, Leruth was also developed recipes for many commercial products and food companies, including Green Goddess dressing for Seven Seas and red rice and dirty beans for Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen. He passed away in 2001 at the age of 72, but lives on through his legendary cuisine. His restaurant which opened on June 10, 1966 and was closed down years before his death.