Loretta Lynn Cookbook

Cookbook Village often posts best of lists of used cookbooks. This article, 5 Celebrity Singers Who Have Written Cookbooks, exposes some of the surprising singers that can sing and cook. Most of the below cookbooks are signed copies with signature imagery available in our Flickr cookbook covers and chef signatures gallery. See the values of the cookbooks based on our past sales and find out who made the list. We'll give you a hint... our favorite singer is on the list and if you Follow Cookbook Village on Pinterest you'll have noticed him on our Cookbook Village Favorites board.

Read on to see the 5 celebrity singers' cookbooks and the sale price or value of each. We've thrown in a dash of background here and there for good measure. Use our Comments feature below the article to post other celebrity singers that have published cookbooks.

1. Naomi Judd - Naomi's Home Companion cookbook

Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 214 pages
Copyright: 1997
Author: Naomi Judd
Publisher: GT Publishing Corporation
This signed used cookbook sold at Cookbook Village for: $31.01

Naomi's Home Companion

Another country singer, Naomi Judd, published this Naomi's Home Companion cookbook. She signed quite a few of her cookbooks--we've personally sold two signed copies of her book at Cookbook Village over the years. The book includes a collection of her family recipes from over the years, including a lot of quick meals she made for her famous daughters. Recipes are named after her famous friends and family such as: Ashley's Four-Layered Dessert to Tammy Wynette's Favorite Bus Recipe and Wynonna's Cherry Jell-O Salad. A Naomi Judd signed cookbook seems to fetch more than a Loretta Lynn as Naomi's signed cookbook brought in nearly double the dollars... ringing in at $31.01.

2. Loretta Lynn - You're Cookin' It Country Cookbook

Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 208 pages
Copyright: 2004
Author: Loretta Lynn
Publisher: Rutledge Hill Press
This signed used cookbook sold at Cookbook Village for: $16.50

Loretta Lynn's You're Cooking' It Country

Country singer Loretta Lynn published her You're Cookin' It Country cookbook in 2004. It includes 129 of her favorite recipes along with 25 stories including one on entertaining Jack White of the White Stripes (a personal favorite). The value of a signed Loretta Lynn is probably higher than the $16.50 we received. We've spotted her signature on an index card that sold for $30. Guess we are more Jack White than Loretta.

3. Liberace - Liberace Cooks! Cookbook

Format: Hardcover and dust jacket, 225 pages 
Copyright: 1970
Authors: Liberace and Carol Truax
Publisher: Doubleday
This used cookbook sells for: $30. We have no record of the value of a signed copy but we estimate $60-$100.

Liberace Cooks

Cookbook Village has never owned a copy of Liberace Cooks! but we were inspired by LA Times Food Editor Russ Parsons article and posts on his own collection of signed cookbooks. We were unaware until reading his blog that Liberace had a cookbook. Our collection of signed books we have sold over the years has included all kinds of actors, singers and top chefs, but never the famed Liberace. As Palm Springs enthusiasts we are surprised we've never come across it during our travels to the city of his Winter home. That's where we found our next book on the list. Read on...

4. Frank Sinatra (and wife Barbara) - Sinatra Celebrity Cookbook

Format: Hardcover with dust jacket, 260 pages
Frank Sinatra, Barbara Sinatra
Barbara Sinatra Children's Center

The Sinatra Celebrity Cookbook

We would have never guessed that our favorite singer of all time, Frank Sinatra, edited a cookbook of his favorite recipes. We knew he was big on charities but had never guessed cooking was among his other more well-known talents. And, we now love him all the more for it. He just keeps getting better. In addition to cookbooks, Sinatra is the one collecting addiction we still allow ourselves to indulge in. Anyway, we could go on and about Ol' Blue Eyes. His Sinatra Celebrity Cookbook is co-edited with his wife Barbara Sinatra (formerly Barbara Marx). We've heard the recipes in the book are a hit with those who own it and are truly delicious. That's not often the case with a celebrity cookbook (or so we've found). The cookbook includes some dishes from famous celebrity friends including Katharine Hepburn and Kirk Douglas. The book we have available is signed by Barbara Marx Sinatra.

5. Johnny Mathis - Cooking for You Alone Cookbook

Format: Vinyl softcover with spiral binding.
Copyright: 1982
Authors: Johnny Mathis, Peter Brash and Marge Birch
Publisher: T.E.C. Publishers
This Johnny Mathis signed cookbook sold for: $300

Johnny Mathis Cooking for You Alone

Cookbook Village has a comprehensive cookbook collectibility review on this signed Johnny Mathis Cooking for You Alone Cookbook. We were surprised when we picked up this little book and saw a Mathis signature inside. Wow. What a surprise. We knew we had a true cookbook collector's find but didn't realize just how great it was until we realized it was highly sought after sans signature. Now with the autograph included, it bumped it up to the $300 mark. If we had auctioned it, it may have even gone above it but we opted to list it at a fixed price at the time. For more on this used cookbook treasure, see our review.