Johnny Mathis Cooking for You Alone Cookbook Review - Collectibility

This 1982 Johnny Mathis Cooking for You Alone cookbook is considered highly collectible... perhaps this one shown is the rarest of them all. We felt compelled to share our highest valued cookbook sold during 2011 in our latest collectibility review. Johnny Mathis signed and inscribed this particular copy which sold by Cookbook Village this past year.

Unsigned, this book is sought after by many (just Google it and you'll see the number of posts related to searches for the book). It's been written about and people have even said "they'd kill for it." Wow... now we are feeling a bit of remorse that we parted with it. But, it's our mission to bring our customers hard-to-find used and vintage cookbooks. Anyway, read on below to see our review and why it scores a 9.0 on our collectibility rating system.

Cooking for You Alone Cookbook - Availability Rating - 10.0

This book scores the highest availability rating in our scoring system. As noted above, this recipe book is scarcely available online... or off. Some people have been in fact posted they've been seeking this book for years. Our copy sold before we could blink.

Cookbook Title: Cooking for You Alone 
Author: Johnny Mathis, Peter Brash and Marge Birch
Publisher: T.E.C. Publishers
Copyright: 1982
Format: Vinyl softcover with spiral binding.
Specialization Categories: Celebrity Cookbooks, Signed Cookbooks
Average Price:
$150 unsigned;  $300 signed 

Johnny Mathis Cooking For You Alone Cookbook


Availability: 10.0
Popularity: 7.0
Investment Outlook: 10.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 9.0 (out of 10.0)

Cooking for You Alone Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 7.0

We so badly wanted this book to come out with a perfect 10 score but it couldn't quite make the grade on this particular rating. Don't get us wrong, the book is very popular only not with the masses. It is a niche collectible and not known by many. We gave it a 7.0 score given popularity is relative and the book is indeed highly popular among cookbook collectors.

Cooking for You Alone Cookbook - Investment Outlook - 10.0

If you are the lucky owner of a copy of this book, hold on to it. Cookbook Village feels this book will only increase in value over time. In past years it has averaged around $150 for unsigned copies. Our copy shown sold for $300 as it was autographed which doubled up the value. As far as cookbook investments, this is a winner and will appreciate over time.

Cooking for You Alone Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 9.0

This book has nearly one the highest scores possible in our rating system. For true collectors, this is one of the top modern cookbooks to collect as an investment.