Hungarian Cookery Recipes New and Old Review

The Hungarian Cookery - Recipes New and Old Cookbook from importer Paprikas Weiss is reviewed here. There seems to be a surge as of late in sales of Hungarian cookbooks online. In recent months we've noticed a growth in sales of recipe books focused around the cuisine of Hungary. We thought if fitting to cover a book we recently listed in our Cookbook Village store.

Hungarian Cookery: Recipes New and Old was published by Paprikas Weiss, the company behind New York City's renowned Hungarian store.

With its beautiful cover art and authentic recipes, it's surprising this book doesn't have a much higher value. We've seen it listed for upwards of $50 but in actuality the book generally sells between $12 - $25. Whatever its value and despite its low score for collectibility in our rating system, it's a wonderful find in terms of cookbook collectibles. Read on to find out why...

Cookbook Title: Hungarian Cookery Recipes New and Old
Author: Edward Weiss (Editor)
Publisher: Paprikas Weiss Importer
Format: Hardcover - 276 pages
Specialization Categories: Ethnic Cookbooks
Average Price: $15

Hungarian Cookery Paprikas Weiss Cookbook


Availability: 5.0
Popularity: 3.0
Investment Outlook: 3.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 3.67 (out of 10.0)

Hungarian Cookery Recipes New and Old Cookbook - Availability Rating - 5.0

The book is not terribly difficult to locate online though offline it would only be found in a secondhand bookstore or maybe a library. Still, there are not many available and certainly the age of book (1977) may play into how many good condition copies are to be found.

Hungarian Cookery Recipes New and Old Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 3.0

As noted in the intro to this review, there is definitely a surge in the popularity of Hungarian cuisine. Still, there is no particular title that is more interesting than another. This book scores a lower popularity rating only because it is not the title itself that is sought after, it's the category - books with recipes from Hungary.

Hungarian Cookery Recipes New and Old Cookbook - Investment Outlook - 3.0

In terms of the book's future value it's difficult to predict if it will rise but my instinct tells me it will remain steady vs increase. As it ages it may gain some value merely for moving into the "vintage" arena. Currently it's neither old nor new. Value thus remains in the $15-$20 range over time. The cover art and beauty of the book make it an interesting collectible and definitely one that caught my eye. As far as Hungarian cookbooks go, this one is certainly nicer than others available and is written by an author specialized it the dishes of the region.

Hungarian Cookery: Recipes New and Old Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 3.67

Our collectibility scoring system factors in the three ratings above, but does not take away from a book's character or recipe worthiness. It's related to how collectible the item is how it relates to it for a collector's investment.