Art Culinaire Magazine Cookbook

Collectibility review of Art Culinaire Magazine Cookbook Magazines which can't go by without mention on a blog for cookbook collectors. Though technically considered magazines, each issue is truly like a cookbook. The books are an oversized hardcover format and geared towards the culinary industry. Many of the back issues, are highly sought after and collectible...especially the earliest issues. There are currently 97 issues in all at the time of writing of this cookbook review. The contents include new techniques and recipes from top chefs. Beyond the recipes are articles related to the industry.

I've had several back issues for sale at my cookbook store but have never been fortunate enough to find one of the early issues (1-5). The earlier issues tend to be valued at a much higher price in upwards of $100 or more. Condition for this book is key unlike collectible vintage cookbooks like a Betty Crocker cookbook or Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking" where tolerance for some wear is a bit higher.

In general, issues beyond the first five are generally valued between $20-$25. Content/theme of the issue is also reflective of value. Each issue tends to have recipes revolving around a central ingredient or food. For instance, the one I have shown includes recipes showcasing the avocado. Less desirable ingredient themes will have lower values and may even be uninteresting in terms of holding it as a collectible.

Cookbook Title: Art Culinaire Magazine / Cookbook
Author: Art Culinaire Magazine
Copyright: This issue is from 2009.
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
Specialization Categories: Series or Magazine Cookbooks
Average Price: $10
Noted Recipes: Avocado Tacos Baja Style, Seafood Ceviche on Avocado Marble, Chocolate Cake Molten with Roasted PIstachios and Sea Salt, Lamb Shanks with Garden Vegetables.

Art Culinaire Magazine Cookbook Review


Availability: 7.0 (for early issues 1-5)
Popularity: 6.0
Investment Outlook: 6.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 6.33

Art Culinaire Magazine Cookbook - Availability Rating - 7.0

The rating is based on the earlier issues as they are more collectible and much more difficult to find. If you come across one of these issues (you can see the issue number as it is prominent on the cover), hold onto it.

Art Culinaire Magazine Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 6.0

The entire series is very popular. I just saw someone selling the whole series from 1-96 for $5,000. At over $50 a piece, they miss the mark. The books don't total that high. Figure $100 each for the early issues and average $15 for the rest (some go for up to $40; others $10 so the total set value is rough to gauge). That would be closer to $2,000 for the set. I personally think it's more fun to collect the set one by one.

Art Culinaire Magazine Cookbook - Investment Outlook - 6.0

If you manage to collect a large set of these, hold on to them and try to collect the rest. Owning the entire set would be desirable as each issue becomes more difficult to find as time goes by. The magazine is still published today and new issues continue. The value of many of these will inevitably rise.

Art Culinaire Magazine Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 6.33

All-in-all, though designed for culinary professionals and students, these books are desirable as collectibles. Early issues should be stored carefully to avoid degradation and damage. Condition is very important for this particular series of cooking magazines as they are known for their beautiful art, format and elegance.