The Peanuts Cookbook

The Peanuts Cook Book cookbook cover (1972 ed) - what a fun book. The Peanuts Cook Book is illustrated with cartoon strips on one side and a recipe on the opposite side. This is a classic little cookbook and is nice for kids and adults alike. It's definitely more about the Peanuts strips than the recipes but is indeed a cookbook with actual recipes.

Cookbook Title: Peanuts Cook Book
Author: Cartoons by Charles M Schulz; Recipes by June Dutton
Publisher: Scholastic Book Services
Copyright: 1969 (photo shows 1972 printing)
Format: Small Softcover (square shaped), 64 pages
Specialization Categories: Vintage Cookbooks, TV Show Cookbooks
Average Price: $10
Noted Recipes: Peppermint Patty's Prune Whip, Lucy's Applesauce Pie, Red Baron Root Beer, Snoopy's Steak Tartar

Peanuts Cookbook


Availability: 3.5
Popularity: 3.0
Investment Outlook: 2.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 2.83 out of 10.0

The Peanuts Cook Book - Availability Rating - 3.5

This small vintage Peanuts Cookbook review covers the tiny gift book designed in the theme of the cartoons. The books were likely published in mass quantities. I have personally owned 4 of these little books but they fall apart easily and always seem to come unbound. I also always seem to find this 1972 printing which is lighter and brighter in color than some of the earlier prints. The 1969 original appears to be a forest green with pink in the center. The 1970 is an orange with beige center and like mine--the 72 printing is a neon green and coral color. I'm not sure if these all were available in each time period or if the printing changed but it appears it changed with each year. In any case, the book ranks pretty low for availability rating as there are dozens of these little books to be had online.

The Peanuts Cook Book - Popularity Rating - 3.0

From the looks of online inventory across numerous book sites and sellers, this great little book doesn't seem particularly popular. It looks like it's a clear case of supply exceeding demand... a strong sign of the book's popularity. It's likely not many collectors are aware of its existence. Despite the low rankings I've given it, I think every collector should have one--certainly those who aspire to collect TV or Book/Literature-themed cookbooks such as the Nancy Drew cookbook I've reviewed or Northern Exposure cookbook and similar. There is no compelling reason not to buy one of these Peanuts cookbooks with their low cost and sentimental value. Who doesn't love the Peanuts?

The Peanuts Cook Book - Investment Outlook Rating- 2.0

As you likely all gathered...this book doesn't have much of an investment value...maybe 100 years down the road, but not short term. They are still too readily available and are more comic book than cookbook. Still, as noted above, for the low low cost and sentimental value, it's worth the trip online to find one of these and add it to your collection. If you like TV cookbooks, make sure to read my Best 5 TV Show Themed Cookbooks post.

The Peanuts Cook Book - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 2.83 out of 10

In short... this Peanuts cookbook is worth more in sentimental value (gotta love the Peanuts) than in investment value. It's readily available and not necessarily a big find if you run across it but still, a nice book for the diehard cookbook collectors out there.