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Girlfriends Forever Cookbook by Susan Branch who is a widely known cookbook and crafts author, known for her beautiful hand-written, watercolor decorated books. Girlfriends Forever is one of her most popular books. I have owned several of her books and have only come across this one signed copy. I'm assuming she indeed has many book signings, etc but still would have expected to have come across more signed copies than the one. Signed copies usually sell for around $30 though again, not many signed copies of this book come up online (and it's her most popular). Unsigned used copies can be purchased for $6 - $13 online.

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Good luck finding a bio on Susan Branch. She publishes a lot of information about her childhood, inspiration for her books, family life, etc but there are not many sites containing a classic bio for Branch. What details can be found have mainly to do with her childhood and the fact that her books are hand-painted/illustrated and that she is a self-taught artist. There is not even a Wikipedia entry on her...amazing, she is such a household name in the cookbook and crafting world and little is written about her in the traditional sense.

Susan Branch Author Signature & Bio

Cookbooks by Susan Branch

  • Autumn for the Heart of the Home
  • Baby Love
  • Christmas from the Heart of the Home
  • Christmas Joys
  • Christmas Memories
  • Days from the Heart of the Home
  • Girlfriends Forever
  • Heart of the Home
  • Heart of the Home Address Book
  • Love from the Heart of the Home
  • The Summer Book
  • Sweets to the Sweet: A Keepsake Book from Heart of the Home
  • Vineyard Seasons

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Average Price Used = $6 - $13
Average Price Used and Signed = $30

Susan Branch Author Signature & Bio

Girlfriends Forever Cookbook Susan Branch Signature