Northern Exposure Cookbook Review

Every time I list a The Northern Exposure Cookbook at Cookbook Village store or at auction, the response is high. It is one of the most popular cookbooks among my listings. It is referenced as a community cookbook from the heart of the Alaskan Riviera and is based on the TV series.

Cookbook Title: The Northern Exposure Cookbook
Author: Ellis Weiner
Publisher: Contemporary Books
Copyright: 1993
Format: Softcover, 176 pages
Specialization Categories: TV Show Cookbooks, US Local & Regional Cookbooks
Average Price: $12-$23 (depends a lot on availability)
Noted Recipes: Adam's German Apple Pancake, Dave's Eggnog, Adam's Walnut Toast with Warm Goat Cheese, Salmon Loaf, Ruth Ann's Pork Chops, Maggie's Fudge

Northern Exposure Cookbook


Availability: 4.0
Popularity: 6.0
Investment Outlook: 5.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 5.0

I have sold this cookbook a few times, on the high end around $23.00. It fluctuates in price based on how many are out there in the market. Sometimes the book is hard to find. It is not commonly seen though if you are searching for it you should be able to find a used copy online. I never watched the show I don't relate to the appeal but it I thought it was just to cover one of the most popular books in my store, I carry a lot, so those numbers indicate demand pretty well. The book is essentially a community cookbook from the Alaskan Riviera that is based on the former TV show "Northern Exposure." The book takes the characters from the show and showcases the recipes mentioned in various episodes. There is even a section at the back that references the episode in which the recipe was mentioned.

The Northern Exposure Cookbook - Availability Rating - 4.0

There are usually at least 3-5 copies available on each of the online book sites. You will likely not find this book in a small brick-and-mortar bookstore though a large one with a lot of cookbooks may have it.

The Northern Exposure Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 6.0

The book as I mentioned is very popular--not in a mass market way but it has a following. Each time I list it there are numerous visits on this book--it is always in the top 10 books in terms of traffic to my store when I have it listed. On eBay most copies sell if not outrageously priced.

The Northern Exposure Cookbook - Investment Outlook Rating- 5.0

The investment outlook is pretty good on this book. I think it will become harder to find over time. It is a nice collectible and in a category where not many books are available--namely the TV Show Cookbooks category. The book is valued between $12-$23 and I've seen listings for the upper $30's though I don't think it is worth that much at this time. If you can pick up a copy for the low end of the price range--you are bound to have a good return on your investment as it could fetch double if you desire to sell it at a later point in time.

The Northern Exposure Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 5.0

This is definitely among the books I'd say to try and add to your collection. TV books, TV games, etc. make great collectible investments and the trend is an increase in value over time.