Love and Knishes Jewish Cookbook Review

I've decided to do my latest collectible cookbook review on a nice vintage cookbook called "Love and Knishes: An Irrepressible Guide to Jewish Cooking." Jewish cookbooks are one of the most popular niche categories of cookbooks at Cookbook Village online store. The book has some nice copy in the introduction chapter from the author advising those who want to know how to become a good Jewish cook to get invited to dinners from a Jewish friend and find out the way things should taste. The information rings true with me as I've tried to replicate some of my mother-in-laws wonderful Jewish dishes.

My mother-in-law makes some memorable Jewish food and I always look forward to the holidays at her house where I know some of the wonderful dishes she has waiting. She usually makes extra portions for me, I have somewhat of an appetite at those festivities. Being Dutch-Indonesian, I grew up on a lot of great cooking, but never got to experience Jewish cooking until I met my wife. I recently went to Passover dinner at Mom's place and first time eating Charosis. I ate a lot to say the list. Here's how my mother-in-law makes the Love and Knishes Cookbook Charosis Recipe. The original serves 10, my mother-in-law uses more of larger portions for 10. Anyway, now for the collectibility review...

Cookbook Title: Love and Knishes: An Irrepressible Guide to Jewish Cooking Cookbook
Author: Sara Kasdan
Publisher: Vanguard Press, New York
Copyright: 1956
Format: Hardcover (I believe it should have a dust jacket, mine doesn't have one though I'm not sure the first edition came with one or not. There were many printings, including the latest paperback edition from 1996.)
Specialization Categories: Jewish Cookbooks, Vintage Cookbooks
Average Price: $15
Noted Recipes: Potato Knishes, Stuffed Veal Brisket, Matzo Balls, Fried Matzos, Hungarian Almond Torte, Appel Strudel, Charosis (see recipe)

Love and Knishes Cookbook


Availability: 6.0
Popularity: 2.0
Investment Outlook: 6.0

Final Collectibility Factor: 4.67

Love and Knishes Jewish Cookbook - Availability Rating - 6.0

There are many retail book sites that offer the 1996 edition of this book, though the 1956, First Edition is somewhat more difficult to come by. The book is often found with damage and wear, as are most Jewish cookbooks. These cookbooks are made for cooking...although they have become a popular cookbook collecting niche or specialization. I have only come across this cookbook once before, but do see a few 1956 copies available on a few of the online book sites. My copy will be going up for auction soon.

Love and Knishes Jewish Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 2.0

I've given the cookbook a low popularity rating mainly because it is an unknown. This doesn't make it any less interesting. It is a wonderful cookbook with all the classics and many variations on each including knishes, strudels, matzo dishes, herring dishes, and more.

Love and Knishes Jewish Cookbook - Investment Outlook - 6.0

As far as investment goes, this is a definitely a nice cookbook in terms of investment if you collect Jewish cookbooks. Vintage Jewish cookbooks are not very common as not many were published. What you do see a lot of are vintage Jewish community/fundraising cookbooks. This is not one of those books. It is written by a sole author who compiled recipes from Jewish friends and acquaintances.

The book's value is hard to gauge. The newer 1996 copies can be found for around $5, while this 1956 original can go from about $15-$25. The upper end pricing would be applicable to a good condition book--as I mentioned--this is typically difficult to find in the vintage Jewish cookbooks as they are written for use!

Love and Knishes Jewish Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 4.67

While not an overly high final collectibility factor rating, this book is a true find for collectors. As noted above, Jewish cookbooks that were not published by fundraising organizations and synagogue groups were and still are, uncommon. I'd definitely recommend putting a copy of this great little book into your collection. If you specialize in Jewish cookbooks then even better.