Towns, Trails and Special Times Marlboro Cookbook

Marlboro had a points system whereby you could exchange cigarette pack points for promotional Marlboro gift items. At different points in time, they have offered a series of Marlboro cookbooks in their points program. These cookbooks are beautiful hardcover books with loads of colored photos and even some poster style inserts and recipe postcards.

I've had several different Marlboro cookbooks for sale at my Cookbook Village eBay store in including this Towns, Trails & Special Times Cookbook which will be listing this week. These make a perfect collectible item as the books are not available at retail outlets and were only available through the points program.

Marlboro cookbooks can still be found at garage sales, book sales and at online and used bookstores. At one time the books fetched in upwards of $50 but the prices have come down substantially to around $10, sometimes up to $15. These cookbooks are well worth the price--it's almost criminal that they sell for so little. They are nicer than most of the new cookbooks available at retail today. With the added inserts and wonderful photos they are a cookbook lover's dream. They include an abundance of Americana, including many delicious chili recipes, steak recipes, and barbecue fare.

Cookbook Title: Towns, Trails & Special Times: The Marlboro Country Cookbook
Philip Morris
Publisher: Philip Morris
Copyright: My review copy of the book has no copyright date. I have seen everything stated on online sale copies from 1997-2000.
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
Specialization Categories: American Cookbooks, Advertising/Promotional Cookbooks
Average Price: $10-$15
Noted Recipes: Cyclone Chili, Headquarters Chili Pie, Whiskey Steak, Pecan Peach Pie


Availability: 5.0
Popularity: 3.5
Investment Outlook: 6.0

Final Collectibility Factor: 4.83

Towns, Trails & Special Times: The Marlboro Country Cookbook - Availability Rating - 5.0

Although there are usually many copies of this book available online, they are not available at retail and no longer available through points from what I've read.

Towns, Trails & Special Times: The Marlboro Country Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 3.5

The recipes in these books may be more sought after than the books themselves. I see many postings for people searching for specific recipes from these books. The books themselves are likely not known in wide circles and were not publicized. Many also go unsold--to my surprise. I think it is because a photo online cannot do the book justice. When you open it up, you'll see why. This is a unique cookbook because of the inserts, postcards and overall format.

Towns, Trails & Special Times: The Marlboro Country Cookbook - Investment Outlook - 6.0

Though these books have come down in value, I believe they are a good investment. The $10 average price for a Marlboro cookbook will likely increase at some point down the line as less copies become available and more collectors scoop them up. There are not only cookbook collectors to compete with--but Marlboro advertising collectors as well. For around $10-$15 these are a steal.

Towns, Trails & Special Times: The Marlboro Country Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 4.83

If you collect cookbooks, I'd definately strive to add some of the Marlboro cookbooks to your collection. They are unique and will eventually become more scarce. The recipes and beautiful photos make this a great cookbook for a collection...or just for a nice reflection of Americana cooking.