Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book Review

What is interesting about Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book is that the recipes are in both Chinese and English. Localized cookbooks are often translated or in their native language. The author - Miss Fu Pei-Mei, was often referred to as "Culinary Grandmother," and played a large role in promoting Chinese food internationally. Her Taiwan culinary TV show, Fu Pei-Mei Time, was aired for 40 years.

A nice aspect of this book is that the book is divided into 4 styles of Chinese foods - Shanghai, Canton, Szechuan and Peking with 25 recipes for each group and an additional twenty snacks and desserts. There are also photos of some of the finished dishes. Fu Pei-Mei published 3 volumes of her Pei Mei's Cook Book. The book shown here is the first volume.

Cookbook Title: Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book
Author: Miss Fu Pei-Mei (Taiwanese TV Chef)
Copyright: 1960
Format: Hard cover with dust jacket
Specialization Categories: Chinese Cookbooks, Asian Cookbooks
Average Price: $10-$25; $75-$100 for the set of three (I haven't seen signed copies of this book so one would be extremely rare)
Noted Recipes: Cantonese Roast Pork, Chicken with Dry Red Pepper, Dry Shredded Beef, Paper Wrapped Chicken, Abalone with Oyster Sauce, Stir Fried Rice, Candied Banana Fritter

Pei Mei's Chinese Cookbook


Availability: 5.0
Popularity: 3.0
Investment Outlook: 4.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 4.0

Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book Cookbook - Availability Rating - 5.0

This cookbook is not widely available online with usually only a handful of the individual volumes for sale at any given time on each of the main online book sites. The three volumes are rarely for sale as a set, though the individual books can be found and put together as a set as no slip case exists (that I know of).

Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 3.0

I rated this book a 3.0 for popularity only because it is definitely not a mainstream or widely known book--though it does have a small following. The popularity factor is in the fact that it is Chinese / English and is a more traditional Chinese cookbook.

Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book Cookbook - Investment Outlook - 4.0

If you have the possibility to collect all three sets than you have a nice investment on your hands. I've seen the set go in the neighborhood of $75 - $100 which brings the individual books up to their higher potential of $25 per book. This book is unique and as far as recipes go--are first rate and authentic.

Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 4.0

Overall, Pei Mei's Chinese Cook Book rates a 4.0. If you can get the set, the final collectibility factor rating shoots up to a 7.0.