Pink Adobe Cookbook Review

The dishes in this great Pink Adobe Cookbook are from the restaurant in Santa Fe, New Mexico. It is another restaurant I would love to have the opportunity to visit. As I noted in earlier posts, the closest thing to visiting these restaurants if you can't travel to them, is through their cookbooks.

This cookbook from The Pink Adobe Restaurant or "The Pink" as it is known by the locals, contains the wonderful recipes from the historic restaurant located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The author and founder of the restaurant, Rosalea Murphy, brought a unique blend of Hispanic, Creole and American fare to her restaurant. All the restaurant favorites are contained inside the book from its famous French Onion Soup to French Apple Pie and many in between.

Cookbook Title: The Pink Adobe Cookbook - Santa Fe, New Mexico Restaurant
Author: Rosalea Murphy
Publisher: Dell Publishing
Copyright: 1988
Format: Softcover
Specialization Categories: Restaurant Cookbooks
Average Price: $5-$6 used, ($20 signed by author)
Noted Recipes: French Onion Soup, Poulet Marengo Pink Adobe, Santa Fe Corn Souffle, Crepes Maison Murphy, French Apple Pie, Southwestern Bread Pudding, Pink Adobe Margarita

Pink Adobe Cookbook


Availability: 3.0
Popularity: 4.0
Investment Outlook: 3.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 3.33

The Pink Adobe Cookbook - Availability Rating - 3.0

As of today, about 70 or so of these cookbooks are available online in a variety of online bookstores--thus the availability rating of 3.0 (1.0 is widely available, while a 10.0 is extremely rare). The book can often be found in traditional used bookstores as well.

The Pink Adobe Cookbook - Popularity Rating - 4.0

The Pink Adobe Cookbook is not a household name as far as cookbooks go, but a pretty popular book given the restaurant's notoriety. I've had this book for sale in my cookbook store several times and it sells quickly every time. If you are familiar with the restaurant's staple fare, then you'll be happy to know that this cookbook contains many of them.

The Pink Adobe Cookbook - Investment Outlook - 3.0

In terms of investment, there is no strong investment value for this cookbook. The book can be purchased online for around $5 for a used copy and will likely not increase over time given the supply vs. demand for the book (many available, not so many sold). Rosalea Murphy passed away in 2000 but her legacy continues through the restaurant which has carried on in the tradition she established. A signed copy of the book would take the Investment Outlook up to a 6.0 and be worth around $20-$25 today, maybe more as time goes on and they become harder to find. The signed copies are more difficult to find, with less than a handful available online at any given time.

The Pink Adobe Cookbook - Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 3.33

The final rating...a 3.33. This cookbook is a winning book for those seeking out those beloved favorites of the Pink Adobe Restaurant (Apple Pie, Onion Soup recipes are the most noted). The book itself, unless signed, has no real investment value. It is a great addition to your kitchen shelf--a cookbook to be used in the kitchen, not one to showcase in a viable cookbook collection.