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Martin Yan is to Chinese as Julia Child is to French cooking. I stumbled upon this signed copy of Martin Yan The Chinese Chef Cookbook last week. I don't often see signed copies of his books online. Martin Yan's cookbooks are fairly mainstream and don't sell very well second hand. He evidently published 26 cookbooks but I couldn't gather all 26 names. I tried to list as many as I could here below. In any case, he is well known in the Chinese community here in my area--my wife's employee who grew up in Chinatown in Los Angeles told her she grew up on Martin Yan on food channel programs. He is known for his Yan Can Cook TV show.

For cookbook collecting addicts, Martin Yan's cookbooks, though not very valuable, are a good idea to keep if signed. You never know later what the book may fetch for a top chef. The notoriety of top chefs such as this lasts for years.

About Martin Yan

Martin Yan was born in Guangzhou, China. His father was in the restaurant business. Yan showed an interest in culinary arts at a young age and he was able to apprentice at a thriving Hong Kong restaurant in his early teens. He later went on to graduate with an MS in Food Science at UC Davis. He was employed as an instructor at Davis' extension program and found his calling for teaching as well as cooking. He launched a daily Chinese cooking show, now called Yan Can Cook. He went on to author 26 cookbooks and many awards and honors as a well recognized and respected chef.

Martin Yan the Chinese Chef Cookbook

Cookbooks by Martin Yan

* Best of Yan Can Cook
* Chinese Chef
* Chinese Cooking for Dummies
* Culinary Journey Through China
* Entertainment at Home
* Martin Yan's Asia
* Martin Yan’s Asian Favorites
* Martin Yan’s Chinatown Cooking
* Martin Yan The Chinese Chef
* Martin Yan's Entertainment At Home
* Martin Yan’s Feast
* Martin Yan's Invitation to Chinese Cooking
* Martin Yan’s Quick & Easy
* Simple Guide to Chinese Ingredients and Other Asian Specialties
* Well Seasoned Wok
* Wok for All Seasons
* Yan Can Cookbook

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