Betty Crocker's Red Pie Cookbook Cover

Betty Crocker's Cookbook as I mentioned in my Betty Crocker's Picture Cook Book post is often referred to as Betty Crocker's "Red Pie" Cookbook. It is one of the three most popular Betty Crocker collectible cookbooks published to date. This cookbook is probably one of the most recognizable cookbooks besides the Joy of Cooking. It is something that most households of the 70's had on the kitchen shelf--a true classic. My wife has fond memories of this book as a child because of all the photos of the prepared dishes--many nice cookies and baked goods are included among them.

This cookbook is still widely available through online stores and auction sites as well as some used bookstores. The price can vary vastly dependent upon condition and the number of the printing. Also, it was published in several formats most notably the three ring binder hard cover, though the straight hardcover is as popular.

Through the years of collecting, I've owned each of the formats and have found many of the binder cookbooks with the former owners' recipe clippings affixed to blank pages placed in the binder--or just loose. Personally, this is my favorite of the three popular Betty Crocker collectible books, but it does go for less than the sought after Betty Crocker's New Picture Cook Book. This is mainly because the photos were vastly improved by 1969 vs. the 1961 New Picture photos. There are also more photos in this book, less illustrations.

Cookbook Title: Betty Crocker's Cookbook
Authors: N/A
Publisher: General Mills
Copyright: 1969, First Edition
Format: Hardcover with red background and pie shaped photo montage (there is a pure hardcover reviewed here and also a three ring binder edition)
Specialization Categories: Classic Cookbooks, Vintage Cookbooks
Average Price: $40 ($50+ for a First edition, First printing hardcover or 3-ring binder edition--or a 1972 Sears holiday edition)
Noted Recipes: Peaches Flambe, Green Beans Deluxe, Quick Lorraine Tarts, Lemon Schaum Torte, Scallop Kabobs, Chicken Dinner Pie (the American recipes in the book are best though there are some foreign favorites as well).

What's your favorite Betty Crocker's Cookbook recipe and do you make it as prepared? Do you store other recipes if you have a binder format of the cookbook? Please feel free to share with Comments below.

Betty Crocker's Red Pie Cookbook


Availability: 4.0
Popularity: 9.0
Investment Outlook: 8.0
Final Collectibility Factor: 7.0

Betty Crocker's Cookbook Availability Rating - 4.0

Both the hardcover and 3-ring binder formats of this cookbook are easy to find for sale on online bookstores and auction sites. There are usually an abundance. The key is to find them in good condition. Make sure you purchase one with a good description of the condition. These books were usually heavily used for cooking--not just display, collecting or reading. They often are found with food spots, pen notations and torn hole punches in the binder versions. Also they often contain stored recipe clippings which is fun...but can lead to newspaper style stains on the pages if not stored properly. Be choosy!

Printing is also important. The popular 1972 Sears holiday edition of the book containing an extra chapter is a regular hardcover edition. It tends to be more popular than some of the other printings. I've rated it with a 4.0 since it is easy to find. It is somewhat more difficult to find in a used bookstore but occasionally it is available. These tend to be overpriced and are better off purchased online.

Search for Betty Crocker red pie cookbook when looking for this cookbook--it will eliminate the many other Betty Crocker cookbooks available today. Add "Sears" in if you want to find the special holiday edition I mention above that has the holiday chapter at the front.

Betty Crocker's Cookbook Popularity Rating - 9.0

This cookbook is extremely popular due to its nostalgia in many cases. It is something normally fondly remembered from an anniversary gift, wedding gift or family favorite. It is a great cookbook, one that still holds feasible recipes for today's cooks -- they are not in other words outdated from age as with some vintage recipes and cookbooks.

Betty Crocker's Cookbook Investment Outlook - 8.0

This cookbook is a sure thing in terms of an investment, but if serious about collecting for investment purposes, again...make sure it is in good condition and preferably the First Printing from 1969 or the 1972 hardcover Sears holiday edition. These are the most valuable of the bunch. The book's price ranges from around $20 on the low end and $50 on the higher end. I've seen it go up close to $100, but this is above the value I'd place on this book. Up to $50 for a good first printing is suitable. If preserved in good condition, you should be sitting on a book that will gain value each 10 years or so. If you are selling this book--the winter holiday period gains the most attention and prices are at a premium.

Betty Crocker's Cookbook Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 7.0

This is a fun cookbook and jam packed with great recipes. This is one of the best Betty Crocker cookbooks for collectors and for investment. Though somewhat easy to find, the cookbook is so popular and now nearly 50 years old. I see it remaining as one of the best books you can have in your collection. The price should go up over some time and the cookbook will serve you well in the kitchen.