I Hate to Cook Book

The I Hate to Cook Book is ironically a book I passed up on many times when coming across it during my cookbook collecting sprees. I finally realized its value and high collectibility factor after seeing it was a top dollar book in terms of online auction sales. My personal interest tends to learn towards foreign and restaurant cookbooks so vintage books sometimes to do not capture my attention quite as well. Anyway, I soon found out that this is a must for collectors and a very popular cookbook.

Cookbook Title: I Hate to Cook Book
Peg Bracken
Copyright: 1960, First Edition
Format: Hardcover with dust jacket
Specialization Categories: Vintage Cookbooks
Average Price: $25 (for a good condition book)
Noted Recipes: Spinach Surprise, Solly's Sweet Potatoes, Saturday Chicken

I Hate to Cook Book Cookbook Review - Collectibility - Peg Bracken


Availability: 6.0
Popularity: 7.0
Investment Outlook: 7.5
Final Collectibility Factor: 6.83

I Hate to Cook Book Availability Rating - 6.0

Usually about 4-5 copies of the first edition hardcover cookbook are available online, but difficult to find in nice condition since this is a vintage cookbook. Often times the jackets are torn. I've had a few copies of this cookbook and all have had some tears and damage to the dust jacket. The small format of the book likely makes it a bit more susceptible to damage. The book is not readily available in used shops or easy to find in flea markets.

I Hate to Cook Book Popularity Rating - 7.0

This book is well-known by collectors of vintage cookbooks mainly because of the humor embedded in each page. Peg Bracken writes about kitchen problems and relays her quick and simple recipes using lots of canned and boxed foods to readers and cooks who "hate to cook." Over 3 million copies of this book were sold. Peg Bracked passed away in the latter half of 2007 bringing a temporary surge in the book price during the holiday season last year. The popularity will likely endure because of the author's wit and humor displayed in this book.

I Hate to Cook Book Investment Outlook - 7.5

Prices for the book have dropped back from about $50 to $25 in recent months. The book usually goes up during the holidays so try and get a copy well in advance of that. The book will likely increase in value over time since it is already an almost 50 year-old book and still highly sought after. I don't see values coming down. This is a safe bet. Make sure the interiors are in great shape. If you get one with very good condition jacket--value will be about $10-$15 higher.

I Hate to Cook Book Final Collectibility Factor Rating - 6.83

This is a great cookbook to include in your collection. It is considered one of the best in humorous cookbooks and remains popular nearly a half-decade after being published. The value should go up over time as the book's popularity is not due to a current trend, but instead has a history of popularity through the years.