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Justin Wilson is a familiar name in the cookbook world. Avid collectors will know the name--it is synonomous with Louisiana Cajun cooking. Justin Wilson's Homegrown Louisiana Cookbook and Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand are often available in used bookstores and sometimes can be found at a flea market. I have seen these books several times over during my cookbook hunting days. Twice before, I have had a signed Justin Wilson cookbook. They normally go for about double or a bit more than double the price of an unsigned used copy--$25 - $35.

About Justin Wilson

Justin Wilson lived from 1914-2001. He was born in Roseland, east of Baton Rouge, FL. Wilson who was half Cajun was known not only a southern American chef, but also a humorist, authoring cookbooks that combined humor with Cajun cooking. He also hosted some PBS cooking shows of the same nature.

Justin Wilson's Outdoor Cooking

Cookbooks by Justin Wilson

* Justin Wilson Gourmet and Gourmand
* Justin Wilson's Cookin' Cajun
* Justin Wilson Cookbook
* Justin Wilson's Homegrown Louisiana Cookbook
* Justin Wilson's Outdoor Cooking with Inside Help
* Justin Wilson's Looking Back
* Justin Wilson's Easy Cookin'

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Signature Sample Justin Wilson "Justin Wilson's Outdoor Cooking Cookbook"

Average Price Used = $10 - $12
Average Price Used and Signed = $25 - $35

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